Woven Label

  • Satin Woven label - Satin materials
    Satin material is one kind of soft and shiny polyester yarns. The background colors are available on white, black, beige and grey. It is better to weave the design on the letters only NOT for delicated logo.
  • Damask Woven label - Damask materials
    Damask labels are another kind of soft polyester yarns. We have many polyester yarn color you can choose. For Damask Material, any colors are available on background, it is good to use on a delicated design.
  • Taffeta woven label - Taffeta materials
    Taffeta is the most economical woven label and is priced lower than damask and satin. We have the stock on size pip which is taffeta material, colors are black and white only. You can order qty as small as 100 pcs. These taffeta woven labels are usually on T-Shirts.
  • We supply woven labels with ‘END FOLD’, ‘CENTRE FOLD’/’LOOP FOLD’, ‘MITRE FOLD’, ‘MANHATTAN’. We can weave total seven colors on one label.